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Can I Recover PPI with no Documents or Paperwork?

Can I Recover PPI with no Documents?

The simple answer is Yes. The problem that most people have is that people are given the impression that they have to have information and know that they have PPI in the first place. Once again because most firms do not have experience in banking or dealing with banks. Fortunately after working for ta high street bank before dealing with complaints for the last 13 years on occasions as an expert witness gives our clients the opportunity to look into all their finances to establish whether there was PPI in the first place and then whether it was mis sold.

It is fantastic if a client has their documents but most people do not have this and we would not expect them to. So to look into the mis sale we need to see whether PPI was part of the borrowing. In order to do this we would need to know just the name of the lender and your address if different from your current postal address. Again if we establish that there is no PPI  then there is nothing to pay us as we only charge if PPI is agreed to be refunded.  Then if PPI is on the facility we can argue on your behalf for a refund both with the bank and if needed through the Ombudsman service, preparing reports if necessary. Again if we are unsuccessful then no fee would be charged.

We say to all clients to look at all of their facilities regardless of what information you may have as the worst the bank can do is say no to a refund as they have no records, at least we would have looked and of course if this was the case you would not be charged by ourselves.

You might not be sure if you have been mis-sold Payment Protect Insurance (PPI). However, Recover Your Money is able to offer professional advice on a no-win, no fee service so why not email us at info@bankcomplaints.co.uk or call on 01752 840623 as it could be time to reclaim what is legally yours!